Skin care tips!

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Here is just a friendly fact check on your skin care regimen ladies and gentleman:

In order to help reverse some of the existing UV damage, plus help improve skin texture, doctors recommend products with antioxidants, specifically vitamin A and vitamin C and vitamin E.

Various formulations of vitamin A improve cell turnover and are available in many of our skin care products. Obagi has a variety of products ranging from prescription-strength hydroquinone, and tretinoin creams, to 30% L-Ascorbic acid microdermabrasion polish+mask. Vitamin C has become a popular skincare ingredient in the last several years because studies suggest that it can also reverse sun damage. You can find it in many of our Obagi skin care products, which are prescription strength and not sold over the counters. Other key ingredients to look for in quality skin care products include glycolic acids, phytic acid, lactic acid,arbutin, kinetin hyaluronic acid, and many others.

So do your research folks! Look at all active ingredients in your creams and serums, and know what you are getting so you aren't just paying for a fancy brand name. Look at the strength and percentage of active ingredients in your skin care regimens, and then make an educated decision on what best suites your skin care needs ❤

I will end with this- general rule of thumb, if a skin care line is not prescription strength, and is available to everyone over the counter and in department stores, dont waste your money 😉



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