PDO Thread Lift (Polydioxanone or Polylatic Acid)

Vampire Treatments

Do you desire a younger, naturally looking, lifted appearance of the face, neck and brow without going under the knife?  There's a relatively new, minimally invasive option for lifting and tightening aging skin without the risks, down time and possible complications of surgery.

Thread Lifts are a convenient rejuvenation alternative that requires no general anesthesia, hospitalization or extended recovery period.  The original "thread lift" first gained FDA approval in the late 90's but was unsuccessful due to inferior  technology.  After decades of technological advancement, the latest technology uses resorbable sutures, composed of biodegradable polymers, that have been used in cardiovascular surgery for decades.

PDO Thread Lifts are inserted subcutaneously via a cannula instantly lifting tightening, volumizing and contouring areas suffering from collagen loss while simultaneously stimulating the body's natural production of elastin where treatment has occurred.

There are three types of threads that we use.  First is a smooth PDO thread which do not have texture and can be used to repair or tighten the skin.  The second type of thread are barbed threads which are textured and have small barbs that grab a hold of the skin to provide additional lift.  The third type of thread are screw threads which are wrapped around the cannula and once inserted give more volume to the patient.  A combination of the three types of threads can be combined to provide the best results.  

The results of the threadlift are immediate and will continue to improve months after the procedure as collagen is increased.  


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