Vampire Treatments

I was so sick of shaving!  My breaking point was a trip to Africa with 12 other women.  There was no place that we could shave so we literally began to look like a bad flashback from the 60's with hippy unshaven legs and there was place for us to shave.  Except one girl.  

Her legs were smooth the entire time.We finally had to know why and she said she had done laser hair removal ten years ago and didn't have to shave anymore.


I looked into it when I returned and can say I am now 19 years without shaving and life is SO GOOD!

LHR takes up to six appointments 6-8 weeks apart to do the trick, but was the best decision I could have made.  Here at Loudoun Medical Aesthetics, we charge by the time increment.  30 minutes is $250 and can get several areas lasered at once.  It all depends on what your concern is.  60 minutes is $400 and again, you have an hour on the laser to get any or all areas done.  Affordable and free of hair!  I'd call that a win!!


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